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  • The management and technology team cumulatively has over 150 years of experience in design and development of Mobile hardware, software and application integration Experience in conceptualizing, architecting and delivering robust
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  • R'ta Products bring pervasive real time management solutions to all spheres of business    All R'ta products bring real time information to all business functions. They provide real time location,
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  • Aseema develops applications in the mobility and wireless space. It's team has several years of experience in developing mobile applications in the enterprise space. Aseema has worked on development projects
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 Mobility Platform

Mobility Platform

Aseema's products and solutions are built on a mobility platform that facilitates quick build of products and solutions for almost any business function that  uses an android mobile device as an integral part of reporting or any data collection and analysis.

Real Time Management Mobile Apps

Real Time Solutions

Enabling 'Real Time' Management: Building products and delivering solutions for key business functions - Aseema has helped several  organizations build and deploy 'real time' monitoring and management solutions. It has products for Real Time: Sale Management, Security Management, Logistics Management, and Field Technical Support.

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 Mobile Solutions Skills

Deep Mobility Skills & Expertise

Team Aseema comes with years of experience in building mobile solutions. The management team has in the past worked at leadership positions for  large enterprises.  They led and managed the mobility solution development of these organizations.

Aseema Globe

Global Presence

Aseema works with companies worldwide to design, engineer and deliver innovative wireless products and services. With a vision to “pervade” wireless in all aspects of human lives, Aseema’s strong interdisciplinary team of engineers deliver “human centric” experience across key business verticals.

 Patent Solutions


Aseema has developed and patented key solutions and processes that are built into its mobility platform. The organization is almost exclusively comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in mobile and wireless technologies. It has expertise in mobile hardware and software, enabling Aseema to view and develop holistic mobility solutions with ease.


Case Studies

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